UrduScript - first Urdu based programming language

UrduScript has been developed by Asad Memon, a young Pakistani who is a computer science student. Asad Memom explained UrduScript, as essentially an Urdish flavor of JavaScript. UrduScript has been developed by renaming the syntax of JavaScript and giving a platform for programmers to easily practice the code of JavaScript as beginners. It will allow programmers to learn programming concepts like variables, loops, if-else, recursions, functions, and lists.


Whatever the code a programmer writes in UrduScript will first converted into JavaScript. When programmer hits ‘Run’ the code will be first converted into JavaScript and then it will display the result to the user. It uses the concept of transpiling.

Transpiling is a specific term for taking source code written in one language and transforming into another language that has a similar level of abstraction. The main reason for using transpiles into JavaScript is based on the programmers ease. If you’re working on a language which you know very deeply or you have proper command into it, you’ll be more productive.

We are very glad & overwhelmed by Asad Memon and his team’s achievements. We are looking forward for more from Pakistani’s to make a good reputation of Pakistan in Technology World.

It was our company’s first article, we make this blog to make people keep in touch with new innovations & technologies. We are very hopeful to share some useful information to you and make your visit a count.

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Author: Haris Ali Barkat
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